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Dear Friends of Blow the Trumpet

The Islamic Jihad that reached the shores of America on September 11, 2001, is but a foretaste of the gathering storm now brewing in the Middle East that will once again affect America, and every life on earth. The Bible describes the days in which we are living as ‘perilous days’. In the midst of escalating violence, terrorism and the threat of nuclear war the need to sound the alarm’ is needed more than ever. Stand with us. I invite you to become a partner with us through your prayers and financial support in bringing this timely and needed message to our Nation….”for such a time as this” Esther 4:14

God bless you!

Bruce Assaf,
Founder of Blow the Trumpet International
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Join with us to awaken, inform, encourage and strengthen the things that remain (Rev 3:2).

Through your prayers and tax-free financial support you are raising your voice with this ministry in “sounding the alarm” bringing the needed understanding of the times to countless precious lives across our nation.

“The work is extensive and spread out, wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet…join us”
— Nehemiah 4:19-20

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