Judaism, Christianity & Islam

Most people believe that because the three major religions of the world came from the same roots, that these religions can co-exist with one another. Christianity has its foundations and roots in Judaism. Although the Jews did not recognize the coming of their Messiah, the eyes of those believing the Messiah that was promised the Jews was in fact the Promised One, Jesus Christ. Christianity derives its roots from Judaism, and thus the connection. Islam, however, other than the fact of coming from the seed of Ishmael, Abraham’s son from a bondwoman follows a theology of “triumphalism.” It is the dominance of one’s nation, religious creed, and ideology over another. Because Islam teaches that it’s founder Muhammad superseded the patriarchs and Christ, it considers itself superior over Judaism and Christianity. To a Muslim it is Allah’s will for the law of Islam to rule world. The word Islam does not mean peace,but rather submission. Those in submission to Allah’s will are called Muslims.

The real difference between the two religions of Islam and Judaism lies in their basis for belief. Judaism is based on unique historical events that was experienced by an entire nation. Islam, on the other hand is based on the prophetic claims of a single individual. Muhammad convinced others to follow his creed of faith even it meant conversion by conquest through violence. This is where the term “jihad’ had its origin. In this meaning of jihad, or holy war, the Koran teaches that no matter how mighty a nation is, it must be fought until it embraces Islam (Sura 9:5 the Koran) . This is the present danger of radical Islam against the non-Muslims or ‘infidels’ and its war against the West.

Just as Islam and Judaism are not sister faiths, Christianity and Islam are not one in the same. On the contrary, the teachings of Islam about Christ and the very foundations and truths of Christianity are denied and undermined. In fact, the very core truth of Christianity, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is denied. Islam also goes on to say that Jesus did not die on a cross. The Bible however says that Christ not only died on a cross for the sins of mankind, giving mankind salvation through His shed blood, but they emphatically deny that Jesus rose from the dead.

In Muhammad’s claim that he is the true prophet of God, last in the series of the prophet with the final revelations he claimed he had received from Allah. In the Muslim world Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets placing Jesus Christ and a mere prophet and not the Son of God. Allah is not the same God of the Bible, nor the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The teachings of Islam count it blasphemy to say that God has a son. It is their belief that no one can be as an equal to Allah.

Allah came form the Arabic word that was related to the worship of the moon god in pre-Islamic Arabia. The word ‘Allah” is neither found in the Hebrew Old Testament or the Greek New Testament. The god of Islam is not the God of the Bible.

Islam was founded more than 600 years after the birth of Christianity, and thousands of years after God gave the Torah to Moses. Islamic scholars claim that Islam views Moses and Jesus as prophets and thus it is a tolerant and perfect religion. Just by learning a little history one comes to the knowledge that Islam is a religion of force, broken treaties and war.This has long been evidenced from the first peace treaty of Islam, to the massacre of Christians and Jews in 7th century Palestine and later, the decimation of Christian and Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem.

Although Islam may superficially accept Christianity and Judaism, Islamic intellectuals say that the Bible is full of lies and the Koran is the true version of God’s word. It also believes that the Jews stole the promises and the land of Israel ,belongs to them, therefore the Jews and Christians are the infidels. Today, as always, the religious beliefs of Islam and Israel, along with Christianity remain in total opposition to each other. The religious holy war of the centuries will eventually come full circle in bring the nations of the word into a final conflict that was prophesied 2,600 years ago.

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