Charting Your Course TO WIN GOD’S WAY

Charting Your Course TO WIN GOD’S WAY“God has a unique plan for each of our lives. Our heavenly Father desires to take each of His children out of mediocrity and mere religion into a life of purpose and vision.”

Bruce Assaf is a man who is living and breathing proof of the Grace of God. When such people give their lives over to God’s control they become trophies of His grace, and the whole world sits up and takes notice of the tremendous changes in their life. His life is a shining example of God’s grace. In my humble opinion, he is aptly qualified to write this book. –Rev. Barry Slavenwhite, President Compassion Canada

You may find yourself taking your life and faith much more seriously as the trumpet blows a “certain sound” into your spirit.

Bruce has experienced great insight into God’s will and unusual leadings into ‘divine appointments’ in the plan and purpose of God resembling incidents in the book of Acts. Amazing provision and answers to prayer have come as a result of exercised faith, at just the right time!

God has promoted Bruce to places of great ministry and influence among the least and greatest of society. Heads of state, heads of religion, the poor and despicable. He is a man through whom the Holy Spirit can flow in message bringing encouragement, inspiration, and revival.
-Rev. Duane McLean
Paris, Ontario, Canada