About the Founder

Bruce AssafBruce Assaf has been called a missionary-at-large. With years of missionary endeavors in former communist-oppressed and war-torn countries, God has given Bruce a battery of experiences that have given him wonderful insights into current world events. He has been used of the Lord, speaking into the lives of political and religious leaders, along with ministering to the broken and downcast. God has clearly and unmistakably given Bruce a true prophetic anointing to the Church. Like Esther of old, he has not remained silent in delivering an uncompromising gospel message “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14).

Bruce is the author of ‘Charting Your Course to Win God’s Way and ‘If My People.” His most recent book released on September 11, 2007 is “Behind the Veil of Radical Islam: The Coming War”. Being from a Middle East background, combined with his missionary experiences throughout the world, He brings both clarity and focus to the war on terrorism, radical Islam and what it means in light of end -time Bible prophecy…connecting all the dots!